Masterchef Myanmar

I grew up in a household of cooks. I guess nowadays with that profession achieving celebrity status, they would have been “chef” level cooks. My grandmother was known in her circle as an expert in the local Malaysian cuisine. I still remember her in the outdoor kitchen in Penang, when she was barely able to stand without assistance, directing all the house staff on how to properly cut, spice and prepare the meals for the family. My dad continued with this gene, always seeking out special dishes, flavours and traditional ways of cooking even when we were living outside of Asia. Which led me to my brother, who grew up with both the Western & Asian palettes and understanding of how food comes together. 
With this history, its understandable that I am in love with how food is made. Which brought me to this cooking school in Inle Lake region in Myanmar to learn some Shan ways of cooking. I loved getting my hands dirty after eating some amazing food in this trip.  With such simple, fresh ingredients, we were able to bring to life so many different flavours. But don’t worry, I took copious notes so I will be trying some of those recipes on willing participants when I get home. If you’re even in the region, look up the Bamboo Hut Home Cooking School/Restaurant and get you’re hands dirty yourself. It’s worth every moment.


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